12th World Rogaining Championships 2014


Entry for 12WRC2014 has two steps: application, then registration within phases. The timeline is outlined below.

  1. 1.Starting on November 1st, all interested individuals apply for entry using the 12WRC2014 link below.

  2. 2.During Phase One, those individuals with automatic and preferred pre-qualified entrant status are given entry preference for the first two weeks.

  3. 3.E-mail invitations will be sent to successful applicants providing the registration link and access code.

  4. 4.Phase One closes, Phase Two opens on November 15th.

  5. 5.E-mail invitations to successful Phase Two applicants.

  6. 6.Successful Phase One applicants confirm entry no later than December 6th.

  7. 7.Phase Two closes, Phase Three opens December 13th.

  8. 8.E-mail invitations to successful Phase Three applicants.

  9. 9.Successful Phase Two applicants confirm entry by January 3rd, 2014.

  10. 10.Phase Three applicants must confirm within three weeks of invitation.

  11. 11.Registration is limited to 1000 participants and will close on or before August 1st, 2014.


Application for entry is through the 12WRC2014 Entry link.

Click to the List of Pre-Qualified Entrants for 12WRC2014.

Application is completed as a team. The Submit button will send the applicants data to the Organizers and generate a confirmation E-mail to the applicants. Organizers will process each application and successful applicants will be invited via E-mail to register for 12WRC2014.

A Wait List of all applicants will be maintained.


Entry Registration is via RegOnline using the link and access code in the E-mail invitation. The RegOnline International Active Network Gateway processes credit card transactions in various Native Currencies including:

  1. Australian Dollar (AUD)

  2. Canadian Dollar (CAD)

  3. Euro  (EUR)

  4. British Pound (GBP)

  5. New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

  6. US Dollar (USD)

  7. South African Rand (ZAR)

The Entry Fee is 125 USD per participant. Commissions and fees may apply. The 125 USD entry fee covers the costs of organizing and setting up the event, maps, 4-days camping and parking, model training maps and course, catering during the Rogaine, awards, the OUSA sanctioning fee, and the IRF levy.

SPORTident electronic punching will be used, with every competitor required to have one SI Card. There are more than 64 controls. Personal cards are allowed (if they are high capacity models - SI-Card 6, SI-Card 10, SI-Card 11) or borrow a compatible SI Card for 5 USD rental per piece. Please specify demand when registering online.

The following SPORTident cards are not allowed: SI-Card 5, SI-Card 8, SI-Card 9, p-Card, SI-tCard, SIAC1. 

Event Tees are also available for 25 USD. The gender-specific Ladies model is a Gildan 5000L Missy Fit T-Shirt in Carolina Blue. The Mens model is the Gildan 64000 Euro Fit T-shirt in Heather Royal. A classic cotton tee, Gildan 5000 model, in Natural is also offered. See the Merchandise webpage.

A Companion Ticket for accompanying persons and spectators (over 10 years of age) staying at the Event Center is 32 USD, which covers 4-days camping and parking, model training maps and course, catering at the Hash House during the event, and a course map (distributed after the finish).

Note: Access the entry application here - 12WRC2014 Entry.