Dakota Rogaining Championships


New terrain, redesigned maps, and SPORTident.

International and coast-to-coast.

On August 18th and 19th, the 2012 Dakota Rogaining Championships was again based in Custer State Park. A Rogaine is a long-distance cross-country navigation race for teams traveling on foot by map and compass. The object is to score points by finding checkpoints (orienteering flags) within the specified time frame. Organized by Peak Assurance with course design by Rick Emerson, the host club is the Black Hills Orienteering Club.

Where the deer and the antelope roam, the Park is also home to herds of buffalo and elk - with wildlife like Rocky Mountain big horn sheep and goats, plus a few mountain lions thrown in to boot. 

The Champs were sanctioned by the OUSA and included the 24-hour championship, a 12-in-24 hour intermediate race, and a 6-hour short course for beginners and juniors. Teams consisted of two to five members and OUSA rules of competition applied. 


An award ceremony and dinner was held mid-afternoon to acknowledge all participants and recognize class winners. Teams were divided into categories of Men, Women, and Mixed. Within each category, there are divisions by age – Junior, Open, Veteran, and Super-Veteran.


The 2012 Dakota Rogaining Championships incorporated a new area to test athletes - the Black Hills National Forest. The International Rogaining Federation awarded the Black Hills of South Dakota 12 WRC 2014 and 2012 provided a teaser of the Forest. This third edition promised and delivered a test worthy of the best. Outdoor recreation in western South Dakota is world-class - Custer State Park and the Black Hills National Forest attested the fact.

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